Shadow Defender



Virtual system that keeps your PC safe


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Shadow Defender is a security tool that protects your computer from suspicious files, which may affect your system without you realizing it.

Because this tool contains a virtual system that's identical to your computer's, it can make changes without affecting your computer. You'll be able to try out programs and download suspicious files without putting your hard drive at risk.

Also, you won't have to worry about viruses on your PC, since restarting your computer will restore the previous settings and erase any changes that have been made, including damage from viruses.

The application's Shadow Mode redirects all the changes to the virtual system so that your computer doesn't fill up with junk files. It keeps your computer as good as new, which is a great thing if you like to download files that aren't trustworthy.

So that you don't lose everything when you restart your computer, Shadow Defender lets you select specific files that will remain as permanent changes on your actual system. It will then erase all the other infected or unwanted files.

Program fully functional during 30 day trial period.

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